Polo T Shirts Printing in UAE


We are one of the leading sublimation printing in UAE that use the most modern printing methods to create the best requirements you need.

Polo shirt embroidery turns a simple clothing item into a powerful and rewarding instrument in the promotional campaign of your company. A beautifully embroidered logo makes a difference - it is a simple and yet effective way to advertise your business. Not to mention that a polo shirt looks much more sophisticated, stylish and attractive with a well designed embroidered image on it, and therefore will be an object of appreciation no matter to whom it belongs.

Polo shirt embroidery will help you to create a unique uniform for your employees - in today's extremely competitive business sphere it is important to stand out of the crowd. Let your customers see the style of your organization through the well-designed uniform of your staff.

Embroidered polo shirts are also a wonderful item for giving out during events which are important to the company: the anniversary of the founding of your firm, a celebration of a recent success, big trade shows, exhibitions, presentations, important negotiations, seminars etc. It is also not a bad idea to reward your employees for some achievements. Or to send a polo shirt with your logo embroidered on it as a gift to your business partners.

Embroidery is one of the most effective techniques of putting a design on a fabric. Polo shirt embroidery will not only look attractive, but will also last for a long time, even if the clothes are used and washed frequently. This is a perfect variant for daily uniforms. Of course, you have to choose a suitable design for the polo shirt before getting it embroidered and used in your promotional strategies.

The variety of polo shirts available makes it possible to choose the right one for every possible purpose: sleeveless or long-sleeved, fitted or loose, striped, multicoloured, made of cotton or polyester, with pockets and without, two- or three-buttoned etc. The size and position of your logo should be adjusted according to the type of polo shirt you have chosen.

These days polo shirt embroidery is employed not manually, but with the help of computer technologies and special sewing machines. After you provide the design of the logo, we make a redrawing of it in our branding company.

Polo shirt embroidery can be expensive in large sizes, which is why your budget should be planned carefully in advance. If you insist on having a big image of your logo, perhaps a better option would be to choose a screen print instead. Though of course embroidery looks more sophisticated and lasts longer, being a good investment into the growth of your business.

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