Mug Screen Printing in UAE


We are one of the leading mug screen printing in UAE that use the most modern printing methods to create the best mug to suit your requirements. A mug screen printing is made according to the own tastes and preference of the people. This mug is not bind by the style and designs. This kind of mug can be printed easily via our stores just with a click of the mouse from the comfort of your home. The cost of designing mug screen printing is highly affordable and matches perfectly with the budget of the people.

In this technique a picture is printed, specifically onto the turning body of the mug. This procedure starts when an outline is gotten from the customer. Vector illustrations are required as a component of the request procedure, to guarantee plans have smooth edges, and don't show pixilation. The outlines are separated into particular line colours, which then get to be distinctly unique screens for the procedure. The different colours conveyed by every screen in the immediate procedure give brilliant and solid shading pictures.

The strategy is utilized:

  • the plan is basic
  • there are no intricate half-tones although some half-tones can be straightforwardly printed
  • the enrollment is not over requesting
  • the outline is not required to be bigger than the print zone

Our direct printer can print several thousand things a day, rather than the slower, hand decorated transfer process.

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